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House System


Our teams are linked to our whole school ethos and vision, IDEAS – Inspire, Discover, Experience and Achieve.  Our reward system includes the team rewards, which can include special treats, such as hot chocolate or ice cream for everyone in the winning team! 

Our Team Captains for each team are:

Team Inspire

Eddison Terry

I am the captain of Team Inspire:


Maddie Danby

I am the vice captain of Team Inspire:


Team Discover

Ruby Davey

I am the captain of Team Discover:

I am 10 years old and I’m the house captain of Team Discover. This year as an ambassador, I’m looking forward to helping with some school events, organising events and helping the school community. Here is some information about me, my favourite food is Chinese and my favourite hobby is dancing. In school, I enjoy doing Maths and P.E.

I think I’ve been chosen to be an Ambassador because I have previously been on the Eco Committee, School Council and a Librarian, which means I’ve had the opportunity to represent Heaton Avenue several times. I enjoyed all of these roles a lot but particularly liked being a Librarian because I helped re-organise the Library so that it was more accessible for the whole school.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Team Discover and supporting us in hopefully winning this year!     

Jonah Shirzad-Brooke

I am the vice captain of Team Discover:

My name is Jonah, I am ten years old (nearly eleven) I'm the vice captain of team Discover and am in year 6.

I live with my mum my dad and my two sisters. My younger sister is called Ava and my older sister is called Perisa. My younger sister has an interest in gaming like me.

My favourite subject is maths, I also enjoy history and war subjects. I enjoy reading; one of my favourite books is Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. 

I have a couple of hobbies out of school my main hobby is football. I play for a football club (Littletown).  I play defence in football and sometimes cdm (central defensive midfield). I like going on bike rides.   

Other than that, good luck Discover!

Team Experience

Mia Robinson

I am the captain of Team Experience:

Hi, I am Mia Robinson. I live with my brother, mum and dad. I have twelve animals, two fields for them to play in and a stable for them to sleep in.

My favourite subject is maths, but I like English as well.  I like reading. My favourite books are all the Harry Potter’s and they are also my favourite films. I love to bake. I have broken both my arms but not at the same time (lots of people say I am accident prone). The food I like the most is pancakes with cinnamon and sugar. I also like apples and ice-cream. My teacher is Miss Oram and I am in year six.

I think that I achieved House Captain/Ambassador because I am a good role model, I abide by the rules and I am helpful.

Lewis Sykes

I am the vice captain of Team Experience:

Hi everyone, my name is Lewis and I am vice captain of Team Experience. I live with four other people and I have a twin brother and sister who are also in Team Experience. I do out of school activities like rugby and I am also involved in scouting. I play the trumpet in a local scout and guide band. We have won the last two competitions that we have competed in. I would like to be in the Royal Marines band when I am older as a trumpet player. I think I have been chosen because I have good behaviour and I think I am a role model to other pupils.

Team Achieve

Jake Carrington

I am the captain of Team Achieve:

My name is Jake Carrington and my three favourite subjects are maths, PE and science. 

My three favourite hobbies are football - I play for Gomersal and Cleckheaton FC, I train every Wednesday and I have matches on Sundays.  Tennis - I play for Liversedge Tennis Club and I compete in tournaments.  Online gaming - because it's a time to calm down and play with my friends. 

I think I have been chosen to be an ambassador because I try my best in every lesson, I'm a good team player and I am kind and helpful to others.

Erin Munnelly

I am the vice captain of Team Achieve:


School Council

Lauren Sheridan


Ryan Morgan