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Our Visions and Values

The school is an integral part of the community where everyone works together to enable children to feel valued and respected, so they are empowered to always give their best.

We have five strands to our school ethos and vision which reflect our continued drive to be an excellent school, providing the best opportunities for our pupils.

Our values


Children develop ambition and a love of learning, whilst exploring their own ideas and developing positive relationships. They initiate activities, make choices about approaches, engage in new activities showing curiosity and enjoy meeting challenges.


Through asking questions and researching answers, analysing information, understanding reliability and preparing themselves for a life full of learning, children learn about themselves:

  • Keeping safe and healthy
  • Their place in the variety of communities that they are a part of and the world around them.


Children experience a wide variety of rich, exciting and stimulating real-life situations in a changing world through taking part in a broad, dynamic curriculum. They investigate differences between themselves and others and value these, working in teams and communicating ideas effectively, making mistakes and learning how to negotiate and resolve conflict.


Children build a sense of self-worth, wellbeing and belonging. They show high levels of interest, pride themselves on high standards, they persevere and believe in themselves.

Our Curriculum Driver - Possibilities

Through our broad and varied curriculum, all pupils' learning is focussed towards raising an awareness of possibilities.

In everything we do, pupils are given the opportunity to increase the cultural capital and are always encouraged to consider:

  • Broadening their horizons through exposure to a wide range of life possibilities;
  • Different opportunities and career prospects and meeting people who do different jobs;
  • Inspiration to travel and see the world and all it has to offer.

Our school ethos, vision and values reflect our trust vision and values which are set out below.